We love heading up to Debbie's brother's cabin.  Any  excuse to get out of Texas!  And, about once a decade, there is apressing need to move the outhouse to a new, more accomodating location. [ Think of that scene in "Christmas Vacation" where cousin Edddie is curbside with a beer and a drain hose and you'll get the drift..]  So, this time around we already had a hole, complements of Debbie's other brothers.  We just needed to drag the outhouse to a new location.  Straps and come-alongs got the job done.

We also had some time to do some hiking (a little play along with work).  I can't get enough of the Intermountain West....

1 - Land Ho!

2- 2021 version of this old outhouse

3 - Yet another outhouse move

4 - With enough strap and come-alongs, we can move the world

5 - Room enough for two

6 - Old guy with a young chick

7 - Cool clean water - Kennally Creek

8 - Idaho Flora

9 - More Idaho Flora