Pic A -Before with floor support.jpg
Pic B - Before Outside door.jpg
Pic C - Log prep.jpg
Pic D - First log removed.jpg
Pic E - lumberjacks at work.jpg
Pic F - Second log removed.jpg
Pic G - Inside shot - two logs gone.jpg
Pic H - Door removed.jpg
Pic I - Hole in the wall and support.jpg
Pic J - Outside shot - demolition almost done.jpg
Pic K - Outside - demolition complete.jpg
Pic L - Planning end plate replacement.jpg
Pic M - Demolition complete.jpg
Pic N - Tree selection for replacement.jpg
Pic O - Ready for new logs.jpg
Pic P - Outside - new end plate.jpg
Pic Q - Outside - placing first log.jpg
Pic R - Ready for 1st log.jpg
Pic S - cutting replacements.jpg
Pic T - More logs to fit.jpg