Dear Old Dad Construction Company

Nothing like a renovation project to shake off the COVID-19 blues.  Jonas is in the midst of finishing out the half of the basement we gutted 10 years ago when he bought the place. Basically it has been a big empty space with junk in it and the goal is to enclose those empty spaces so the junk can be hidden!  So the overall tasks were to: frame in the concrete walls, add storage space and a closet, change out the door and windows and wire the place up with some lighting and outlets to accommodate humans in the space.
He had already completed framing the storage and closet, and done a fine job, too.  DODC (Dear Old Dad Construction) flew up to SLC to help out with some additional framing, replacing the windows and door, insulate, help wire and throw some sheetrock up.  4 days?  No problem!

The door was replaced by something a little more "homey" that would cast more natural light into the dark basement:

We also had two metal framed windows (single pane) that needed updating:

It's a concrete wall and the metal frame was embedded in the concrete which made for a bit of a challenge:

The smaller side window was easier:

We got the "open air" stuff done just in time:  We had snow falling on Saturday night into Sunday morning but it did give the place a "Christmas-y" feel:

With the snug weather-resistant work done, we turned our attention to more inside stuff which was mostly wiring and insulation.  That side of the basement had no permanent lighting and no outlets so Jonas laid out at least a dozen can lights of interior lighting and we drilled through the foundation so he could add an outdoor light; The rough-in box you can see to the right of the top of the door above. Of course we had 3-way switches to wire and a host of other planning steps (I left before he threw the big I don't know how well we planned...)

We also had insulation to add to the outer walls:

And, finally, we got started on the sheetrock in the three hours before my departure on Monday....

It was hard but totally enjoyable work.  I love doing this kind of stuff and it's even better when I get to do it with Jonas. I am hoping Sam either buys a fixer-upper before I get too old or he becomes independently wealthy and can buy a place that is completely finished. No doubt there will be other opportunities for dear old Dad to get some more construction work in...