null 40 years of love

Hard to fathom that 40 years have passed since Deb and I married in Meridian Idaho but, just like that, here we are 40 years later.  That 40 year adventure has been amazing and there isn't a blog big enough to contain the love and stories over those years.  Debbie, my long-suffering companion, I wouldn't be the man I am today without you in my life.

The plan was to begin this 40th year celebration in the northwest US.  Deb and I were married in Meridian, ID and then spent our first night together in Pendleton, OR and by a quirk of curiosity we spent our second night at Timberline Lodge on Mt.  Hood.  We have done so a couple of times since and the Christmas feel of the lodge in December is quite an experience.  Even the mask mandate failed to put a dent in the festive atmosphere of the place. Our two nights/days were blissful.  It snowed, HARD, for the two nights and days and we reveled in it.  SWEATERS!  I forgot what it was like to wear something warm in freezing weather. Needless to say, these Utah transplants to Texas want SNOW!

Somewhere under that pile is our car.

But there is an upside to having a pile of snow outside your window!  

A cozy fire made our room a little more romantic...

Merry Christmas!  

Our days were filled with reminiscing and walking around the lodge, in and out.  The parking lot ballet that went on each day provided hours of entertainment as we watched clueless snow boarders and skiers saunter through the parking lot, failing to notice the huge frontend loader attempting tp clear the drive and parking spots (the operator of the loader had the patience of Job...).  Add to that folks trying to dig out or drive out of their snow-laden parking spaces and you had ballet worthy of Tchaikovsky...

On our last night there, the snow tapered off, the car had been dug out and we were ready to head out for our next adventure which was to drive to Coronado Island to be with Sam, Jonas and Heather for a Christmas gathering. But first, we had a beautiful send-off from TImberline with a gorgeous sunrise!